Coworking Desk in Freiburg

Your Desk

We offer full-fledged desks with all you need to be productive right out of the gates. And of course we take care of everything related to admin, facilities, utilities and equipment.
So you don't have to.

What you get

  • Large Desk

    160 x 80 cm, variable height

  • Highspeed Internet

    1200/80 Mbit/s Down/Up, Wifi + GBit-LAN

  • Ergonomic Swivel Chair

    by Vitra (Meda Pro)

  • Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks

    Proper coffee, espresso and more, fair prices

  • Mobile File Cabinet

    Lockable, by Steelcase

  • Office Kitchen

    Just use it

  • 4-port Power Socket

    Switchable, on the table

  • Office Shower

    Pulled an all-nighter? No problem... '>

  • Desk Lamp

    w/ adjustable Brightness and color temperature

  • Barrier-free accessibility

    No steps or stairs, anywhere

  • Printer, Scanner, Copier

    All inclusive (fair use)

  • Lunch-options aplenty

    Easily 50 'suppliers' in a radius of 200 m

and also


Our space is friendly, open and rather relaxed.
We are all different somehow but can still feel like a small family.
You can feel that we all really enjoy working here.

Exchange & Cooperation

Although most of us are active in their own special areas opportunities for cooperation frequently arise in sometimes unforeseen ways. Whether it's an answer to a simple question or a joint multi-month project. You decide.

New Friends

In the more than 10 years that we've already been running our space quite a few new friendships have developed, which go beyond simply working together.
Especially if you are new in town we'll gladly support you in growing roots and making Freiburg a true new home.

Plans and Prices

All our offers are targeted to "commercial customer" in the legal sense.
Therefore all our prices are excluding VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Day Pass

  • Work in our office for one day
  • Access during office hours (Mo-Fr, 9-18H)
  • Package of 5 Day Passes: 92,44 € (110 € incl. VAT),
    i.e. 12% off
  • Package of 10 Day Passes: 168,07 € (200 € incl. VAT),
    i.e. 20% off
  • Also available as Halfday Pass (≤ 4 hours)
    for only 13,45 € (16 € incl. VAT)
21,01 € (25 € incl. VAT)


  • Work in our office every day, as often and as long as you like
  • Access with your own key card (5-23H, 10€ deposit)
  • Use our meeting room for free, if it's not booked
  • Receive paper mail (Address: c/o coworking-freiburg)
  • 500 GB Private Storage on our office NAS (e.g. for Time Machine Backups)
  • Your own individual fax number for receiving faxes per email (10€ Setup)
  • 25% discount on conference room bookings
169 / 149 / 139 €* per month


  • Same as Flatrate, but with your "own", always-the-same Desk
  • You'll definitely have your desk available when you come in
  • You can bring your own stuff/devices and leave them here (e.g. a monitor)
  • Secure trolley as archiving space for books, folders, etc.
  • Your business address can be with us
  • 1 TB Private Storage on our office NAS (e.g. for Time Machine Backups)
  • 50% discount on conference room bookings, 2 h/month included
295 / 279 / 259 €* per month


  • Same as Fix-Desk, but your desk won't be used by anyone else, even if you are not here
  • Salutation "Sir" or "Madame"
  • Your own custom beverage profile on our office coffee machine monster (they are limited :)
  • 4 hours of conference room bookings included
389 / 369 / 349 €* per month

* when paid monthly / quartely / yearly

Interested? Open Questions?
We are looking forward to your call or !
Contact us now!


These are the most important points from our Terms and Conditions:

Contract Length / Minimum Commitment

There is no commitment of any kind or a minimum contract length that you are bound by. If you'd like to pay on a monthly basis you could, for example, tell us up to the last day of October that you'd like to leave starting November.
Instead of month by month you can also book several months in advance. As of 3 and 12 months in advance we can offer special discounts.

When do I have to pay?

If we don't hear from you otherwise until the end of a month we'll assume that you'd like to extend your booking also for the next month. In that case you'll receive an invoice for the respective month a few days later and we'll deduct the invoice amount from your account automatically (via SEPA Direct Debit, which we prefer due to it causing the least amount of manual work for us).

If you go for a longer booking period (e.g. 3 months) you'll receive an invoice always at the beginning of each new booking period.

How can I pay?

Payment by cash or SEPA Direct Debit is always free (as in "no additional charge").
Payment by wire transfer is free for bookings of 3 month or more, but carries a surcharge of 5€ otherwise.
PayPal would work as well, but always incurs a surcharge of 2.5% or at least 5€.

Can I also start in the mid of a month?

You can start whenever you want.
If you hop on until the 5th of a month we'll treat everything as if you started on the 1st. As of the 6th day your actually booked period doesn't start until the beginning of the next month. The rest of the current month will be charged for pro rata temporis at the average daily rate of your booking.

Example: You want to start at the 21st of March and book a Fix-Desk for 3 month in advance.
Then your booking will start on March 21st, end on June 30th and cost you 3 × 279€ for the period April through June plus 10 of 30 days in March for 10/30 × 279€.

How are desks assigned on a daily basis?

If you haven't booked a fixed desk you can pick one from all still available desks whenever you arrive. If none should be available anymore (which is extremely rare!) there is little we can do and you won't be able to work in our office at that time.

How are fixed desks assigned?

If you book a new Fix-Desk you can pick any of the still available desks as your desk. And also if you already have a Fix-Desk you can switch to another free desks whenever you like.

In case of conflicts, e.g. when two people would like to move to a desk which is just becoming available, the one with greater total-lifetime-booking-volume will get the preference. Normally this is the one with the higher "tenure".

Can I get a refund for unused periods?

Unfortunately not.
You can decide at the time of booking for how long you'd like to pay in advance. We can't really refund payments that were already made.

How about a Gift Voucher?
You think, somebody should socialize a bit more? We can take care of that... :)
Contact us now!