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The first address for Coworking in Freiburg!

Directly in the Martinstor, in the heart of Freiburg's old center

What we offer

Super Location

Our office is situated directly in the Martinstor, above the Kaiser-Joseph-Straße. You can't really get more central than that.

Proper Connectivity

Two redundant uplinks to the internet with a total capacity of 550 Mbit/s down and 60 Mbit/s up.

Tons of Space

Here you'll have a full-fledged desk with enough space to really spread out. And not too many people in the same room.

Prime Facilities

Large desks, great chairs, proper connectivity, printer, scanner, whiteboards,... we have everything you need for being productive. Even a shower.

Family Atmosphere

We all know each other personally beyond just "sitting in the same office". For example, we go out for lunch together almost every day. If you like a friendly and social work environment we are the place for you.

Rather Quiet

Although we all talk on the phone from time to time it's generally rather quiet in our space. So you can concentrate on what you're trying to get done.

Large Conference Room

We have a large, well-equipped meeting room that you can use at no additional charge when it's not booked by someone else.

Coffee / Tea / Soft-Drinks

Our office kitchen has all the liquid food you need. And if not: We are open for new ideas!

Mail Service

If you are a member of our space you can register your business under our address. But also for non-members we offer a full-fledged post and mail service.