Your Business Address in Freiburg

We offer a complete mail- and address-service, for small and large businesses, startups and private individuals. Simple, affordable and flexible.


First-class business address at a prime location

in the Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse, Freiburg's first address, no c/o!

Digitisation of all incoming Mail

If you prefer we scan everything. And run it through OCR for your proper and searchable digital archive.

Long-term Stability

For more than 10 years now we offer professional business addresses. And will be happily serving you for many more to come.

More than a simple mailbox

We accept, inform, process and forward all your mail (incl. parcels) according to your needs.

Your own landline number w/ area code 0761

that we'll happily set up for you on request.
Forwards all calls to wherever you like.

Proven, Trusted, Reliable

Many young German companies trust our services for years.
Are you setting up a new company in Germany? Talk to us!

Protect your privacy

Which mailing address to show on your website?
Your business address with us, not your private one!

Book office space or meeting rooms

whenever you need them.

No minimal contract length

so you never pay what you don't use.

Personal Service

for finding pragmatic and flexible solutions to all your requirements.

We manage your Company Address

Postfach für Postadresse in Freiburg

Use your business address with us for your company or branch seat, without fixed office rooms, big cost and without a long binding contract, in exactly the arrangement that's right for you.
We accept all mail (also parcels and packages) delivered to your new company address and take care of processing it according to your instructions. Your business address remains stable even if your private address should change.

If you plan on setting up a new enterprise, e.g. a German "GmbH" or "UG", then it makes sense to contact use even before the actual establishment of the company. Our service is perfectly suited for the official company seat / headquarter business address. However, the company mailing address should be fixed before the founding appointment with the notary as the business address will have to be published in the German commercial registry "Handelsregister" and every subsequent address change requires another visit to a notary resulting in additional cost.

Our Prices

All our offers are targeted primarily to "commercial customer" in the legal sense.
Therefore all our prices are excluding VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Pay monthly48 €/month

  • Incl. one Day Pass per month
  • Invoicing:
    at the start of every month
  • Payment by SEPA direct debit
  • Phone-/Faxnumber setup:
    10 € (once)

Pay Yearly39€/month

  • Incl. one Day Pass per month
  • Invoicing:
    every 12 months
  • Payment by SEPA direct debit,
    cash or wire transfer
  • Phone-/Faxnumber setup:
    10 € (once)

Interested? Open Questions?

We are looking forward to your call or email!