Friendly, Open and Personal

We are a small but awesome coworking space in the heart of Freiburg's old centre.
Our almost 20 desks are distributed across beautiful 170 old-style square meters in 4-5 rooms. Each work station has a big proper desk and provides enough space, air and light for concentrated creativity and new ideas of all kind. (For more details on our facilities see the page on our desks.)

Due to the limited number of members and relatively low turnover it's not hard to get to know everyone personally and establish direct relationships. For example, many of us go out for lunch together almost every day, which is usually quite fun, not only because of the enormous breadth of suitable lunch offerings in the direct vicinity of our office.

Overall the atmosphere in our space in friendly and open, even a bit like an office family at times. Many of us feel so at home they are coming in almost every day for years now and have thus made our office an important fix point of their lives in Freiburg.

Interested? Open Questions?

We are looking forward to your call or email!


The origins of our office lie in the year 2010 when the move of our old company into Freiburg's city center confronted us with the realities of the local commercial property market. Most units were too large, too dark, too far away or didn't really appeal to us for other reasons. And: Most required a commitment of at least 3 or 5 years, too much for us who didn't know at the time how our main business was going to develop. What we actually needed was a nice small unit with lots of flexibility. Unfortunately, this combination didn't seem to then exist in Freiburg.

So we rented an office "An der Mehlwaage", which was actually too large for us, and founded "Coworking Freiburg" with the goal of providing to others what we had been looking for ourselves: Flexible desks in beautiful rooms and a top location, with good technical infrastructure and friendly people at a similar (or completely different) point in their lifes.

After some time the local press also became more and more interested in the subject of "coworking" and we were reported on at several occasions. For example in the "Badischen Zeitung" from June 11th 2013 or the online magazine in January 2012.

When, in summer 2015, the opportunity arose to move into new, bigger and even more exclusive rooms just 100 meter further up the street, directly in the Martinstor, we didn't think twice. Now we could grow a bit more, finally had a proper conference room, a real kitchen, a great view and even an office shower... :)

Currently with us

A few of our current members:
Software for the modern age.
Very active in the Open-Source-Ecosystem around Scala, the programming language.
The company behind coworking freiburg.
DDMF is an audio software manufacturer specializing in creating studio quality audio plugins for all major digital audio workstations like ProTools, Logic or Cubase.
Gardion betreibt – ausschließlich in Deutschland – ein hochsicheres VPN mit leistungsfähigen Netzwerkfiltern für den optimalen Schutz von privaten und geschäftlichen Daten. Wir setzen die gleichen Techniken ein, mit der große Konzerne arbeiten und bieten neben der üblichen Domain-Filterung – wenn gewünscht – auch Traffic-Analysis und Intrusion-Detection.
Future History
Die Gemeinschaft zum Entdecken, Teilen und Vor-Ort-Einblenden von historischen Bildern und Ereignissen. In unserem Portal sind Bilder mit exaktem Standort, Blickwinkel, Beschreibung sowie Text und Audio hinterlegt. Diese werden mit Hilfe einer APP am richtigen Ort in der passenden Perspektive eingeblendet.
Lektorat Freiburg
Textkorrektur und Lektorat mit Feedback und Schreibberatung, deutsch und englisch. Textservices und Formatierungsarbeiten für Publikationen. Übersetzungen zwischen Deutsch und Englisch. Wissenschaftliche Transkription von Audioaufnahmen.
Glück & Kanja
Glück & Kanja is one of the leading German IT companies for Communications & Cloud and Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Productivity, UC and Access & Identity. offers digital marketing services and consulting. With 20+ years of experience in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Marketing, I help small and large businesses get in front of more customers and grow their brand online.
Azurate Online Consulting
Azurate Online Consulting - online coaching, courses, training serving individuals with repeated international relocations and transitions (serial expats) as well as organizations that work with such individuals (e.g. international schools, corporate expatriate training for international assignments).
Hauser & Friends
We’re a partnership of like-minded investors with the goal of achieving long-term market-beating returns based on Warren Buffett’s value-investing philosophy.
Der IT-Karriere Podcast
Im IT-Karriere Podcast stellen sich IT-Arbeitgeber in kurzen Live-Interview Berufseinsteigern und Young Professionals in der IT vor.
Stefanie Scharnberg
Will Durand
Lifelong learner. OSS evangelist. Traveler. (Runner.) Speaker. Web worker at Mozilla. He/him.


Over the years we had the privilege to host many different member companies and individuals. This is a small selection:

ISG Institut für Sozialforschung und Gesellschaftspolitik
The ISG Institute for Social Research is a privately owned, independent research institute.
Camptocamp ist ein 2001 gegründetes Schweizer Dienstleistungsunternehmen im Be­reich von Open-Source Software mit großer Expertise auf den Gebieten Unternehmensmanagement Softwaresysteme (ERP), IT-Management-Systeme und Geographische In­formationssysteme (GIS).
Als führendes privates deutsch-französisches Wirtschaftszentrum begleitet die Villafrance Gruppe seit über 20 Jahren Unternehmen und öffentliche Institutionen auf dem deutschen und französischen Markt.
Philip Sorst
Freelance expert in the conception, planning and implementation of full stack web applications in Java, PHP and Angular in Freiburg and surroundings.
Your experts for the African Market.
We support you in the development and execution of a holistic Africa-Strategy.
Reisekostenabrechnung für Selbstständige und kleine Unternehmen.
Mit Spesenfuchs rechnen Sie Ihre Reisekosten einfach online ab.
freistil IT
At freistil IT, we're experts in turning Open Source Software into enterprise IT solutions.
Our flagship product is freistilbox, a fully managed web hosting platform for Drupal or WordPress.
Timpany Logo
Timpany Languages
Timpany Language Courses is an online language travel agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Since the early days our approach has been to work only with selected quality language schools around the world.
TailorDev is a French company, initially based in Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne).
Our mission is to develop modern tools to ease scientific workand promote Open- in research entities.
= Data, Science, and Source
Martin Birchmeier Hotelmarketing
Digital. Individuell. Unabhängig. Marketing- und Vertriebsberatung für Hotels.
Team Buttjer
Ein kleines büro für marke, design & code
Wir gestalten und entwickeln Webseiten, Webshops, Webapps und erschaffen und pflegen Marken.
Adantic — Dan Slocombe
Adantic Limited provides professional contract services for the electronics industry, e.g. ASIC / FPGA design and verification as well as PCB design.
wasserwerfer. design & kommunikation
Seminare & Fortbildungen zu Online-Marketing & Webdesign. SEO, Google AdWords, Wordpress & TYPO3.
midnight and friends
Als Spezialist für die Beschaffung von Bauteilen im industriellen Bereich, unter anderem für den Maschinenbau oder für Test- und Messgeräte, sowie für Marketing- und Werbemittel aller Art organisieren wir für Sie den gesamten Einkaufsprozess.
Tiago Neto
Language and regulatory affairs consultancy services for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries
Dillon Bergin
Dillon Bergin is a freelance journalist who writes about climate change and people.
Urlaub an der Stiefelspitze
Fine, hand picked selection of private vacation houses for an unforgettable holiday experience in Calabria, Southern Italy..